The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Halo


Awareness is knowing exactly what is going on during every moment of the match by using two senses your eyes and your ears. You take in information from what you hear and see to make up what you think is going on in the match which helps you be able to play to it. In the Guide we go over Sound Awareness and Awareness in depth to give you a look inside a pro's POV.

Map Movement

Map movement is how you move around the map and what angles of visibility you give yourself.  Here you will understand how to use your vantage points, angels, and even how you expose yourself to gain advantages as you move around the map.


Playing off your advantages is about how to play your situation through momentum based on the advantages you and your team creates. Individual Player Advantages deals with what advantages you can bring to your team in every decision and play you are in.


A player’s mentality is the mindset they hold which comes from the knowledge they have of the game and their ability to transfer this knowledge with the natural way they play. Your mentality can be split into three main categories; your attitude towards the game, your confidence of yourself against competitors, and your pursuit of knowledge as you transfer this information into your own playstyle.


The first thing that all players should get down when becoming a better player is their weapon skill for the game. Getting down your weapon skill is important so that your gun accuracy doesn’t hold you back when you’re trying to progress in the tougher skills of the game.

Power Positions

Understanding the best paths to move through the map and how to push around teammates to get control of the power positions on the maps is the true importance to becoming a skilled map mover. Video coverage to show exactly which spots on the map get the most advantages.


To become a top player of the game you must master a combination of playstyles to create your own unique style of playing the game. Professional players became well-rounded enough to play at their high levels of competition by mastering usually around four different playstyles.

Building a Team

You can build teams through circles of friends who are all good people that get along. This can be started just by inviting a random player who showed themselves to be good. When you go into games with players you know are good it will allow you to break into those new higher ranks so you guys can together gain confidence amongst the higher leveled players.

The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Halo

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